Brunch for

30 November 2014

Event outcome : Three houses funded

Thank you for being part of our maiden event.
Each member and donor of PFTP will  be equal contributors to our goal of highlighting Filipino talent while building hope and homes for the Philippines.

Paris for the Philippines Is Spreading the LOVE


(Paris, France- November 30, 2013)- There was extra love for the Philippines in a brasserie located in the heart of Paris along rue du Louvre. Six Filipinas based in La Ville-Lumière (City of Light) formed an international group, Paris for the Philippines (PFTP), and launched their first of many fundraiser events for the Typhoon Haiyan survivors, entitled Brunch for Love. Over a hundred guests supported the cause and shared a Filipino-inspired meal prepared by Chef Aaron Isip. Queues were made not only for the buffet but as well for the PFTP merchandise, LOVE sweatshirts and bags, another fundraising effort which sold out instantly.


Her Excellency Mme. Cristina Ortega, Ambassador of the Philippines to France and Monaco graced the event together with donors from the Filipino-Parisian community, French and American corporations. Gawad Kalinga Europe’s President, Olivier Girault, expressed gratitude in his opening speech for its partnership with PFTP and wished continued support from everyone.


“One goal of PFTP is to build houses for our affected countrymen back home,” stated PFTP’s Chairperson, Mme Victoria Aquino-Benoit, and Bianca Monzon-Cueva added, “second, we wish to highlight Filipino contributions on a global scale. Through these efforts, PFTP hopes to foster an ongoing exchange of culture and compassion between their two homes.”


There is more to come from this philanthropic group of ladies with aperos, art exhibits and bazaars all lined up for 2014. Alongside the events is the construction of a PFTP website, co-founder Anne Matoto-Sznaper explains that "it aims to bridge both Filipino and Parisian cultures with features on food, travel and fun . And at the same time, it will provide details on ways to donate and support our work."


It’s an ambitious goal for a grassroots organization like PFTP but in The City of Light and LOVE, much is possible.

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