PFTP was founded by 5 Filipino moms and a chef who share one thing in common – LOVE for the Philippines.


Born after the devastation left by Typhoon Haiyan, we are an organization open not only to Filipinos but all nationalities dedicated to bringing aid, awareness and support to the thousands affected by this tragedy in the Philippines. We welcome everyone, especially those residing in Paris, to sign up and be a member of our non-profit group.


All proceeds from these fundraising efforts will be directed to our ongoing mission with GK . Each member and donor of PFTP will be equal contributors to this goal and one day this village will be ours to GIVE back.


Finally, it is also our objective to bridge bridge both Filipino and Parisian cutlures with online features and tips on the latest buzz on fashion, food, travel and fun. This site will be an avenue to share the gifts, talents and movements from the beautiful Philippines with our network here in our adoptive home, Paris, and the rest of the world.


We hope you join us on this journey and only together may we achieve to spread more love for the Philippines.

mission + vision

Gawad Kalinga ( GK is our beneficiary partner, a leading Filipino relief and rebuilding organization that aids disaster-affected communities by providing order, peace, sustenance and shelter. They "envision a strong united community that builds together, plants together, harvests together and rises together" , leaving no one behind --a philosophy PFTP shares with GK to spread the LOVE.


Through GK , we are given frontline-access to help with the reconstruction of homes and sustainability of communities for the countless Typhoon Haiyan victims who have lost their families, properties and livelihood.


It is our goal in the near future to build a GK-PFTP Village consisting of 30 houses (1 home/family costs €2,200, a village costs at least €66,000).


How do we plan to reach this target?


  • by organizing a variety of fundraiser events ranging from brunches, pop-up shops to cocktail parties


  • the selling of PFTP Love merchandise and