restaurants we love: Le Servan


Serving Up French Bistro Food With An Occassional Filipino Twist

by Bianca


There has been an undeniable buzz about a noteworthy newcomer in the Paris food scene, and this one makes us Filipinos truly proud.  Opened just last April, food critics, bloggers and aficionados alike can’t seem to get enough of Le Servan, a trendy new spot in Paris’ 11th arrondissement serving up modern French bistro fare with an Asian twist and the occasional Filipino flavors.
The secret in Le Servan’s success lies in the two French-Filipina sisters, Tatiana and Katia Levha, who started dreaming about opening a restaurant together eight years ago and who each have their own set of skills and experiences to offer with the help of their third partner, Edouard.
Tatiana’s cuisine credentials includes work in Paris powerhouses L’Astrance and L’Arpege to name a few, as well as an extensive network in the food community.  Katia’s background includes a hotel school education in Switzerland with internships in Thailand and Italy, Management Training at The Mandarin Oriental in London, working at French favorites Le Baratin and Saturne, as well as a passion for natural wines.
PFTP spent a Saturday afternoon getting to know the warm and charming Levha sisters, and here’s what we covered during our quick and casual coffee conversation:


Restaurant inspiration who have the formula to success?
L’Astrance : stable and successful for 10 years now.
Le Chateaubriand : crucial to the Paris food scene also for about 10 years.
Preferred food joints to catch a meal out?
- Shang Palace, Du Bout Des Doigts, Pho along Rue Volta, L’Astrance, Septime




Experience you want clients to remember from Le Servan?
Good food served hot, warm service and atmosphere, the feeling of contentment upon leaving the restaurant
What to expect from Le Servan team in the next years?
Hopefully a new, casual, less expensive Asian/Filipino joint that serves comfort food favorites that are easy to take in or take out.


What makes you Filipino and proud of being one?
Mom is Filipino, all family is in the Philippines, we used to spend every Summer there till about 3 years ago.
Everything about being Filipino makes us proud, especially the culture and the kindness of the people.
Why take part in Paris for the Philippines?
From beginning, we wanted to find ways to help and give back to our country
PFTP gave us the opportunity to contribute, and we really liked the project!