17 May 2015

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported our third event, Spring Fete for Love, with your attendance and generous donations.


It was our pleasure to  introduce to the community Mr. Tony Meloto, Gawad Kalinga's Founder and President, together  with Mr. Olivier Girault, GK Europe's Head, who passionately demonstrated the growing friendship between the Philippines, France and other countries like England to ameliorate the lives of the Filipino poor. As a testament to this bond, we have Thomas Graham to thank, author of the book, Genius of the Poor (also available in french), a touching read that gives us a closer look into the rehabilitated communties and countless lives that Tony Meloto has dedicated his life to via Gawad Kalinga.


 We hope you remain on this ongoing journey with PFTP as we continue to work towards our double mission of promoting a cultural and social exchange between our two homes, Paris and the Philippines, while building hope and homes for our motherland.


Again, thank you, maraming salamat and merci beaucoup to all our donors, volunteers and guests!





Get to know more about the founder of Gawad Kalinga and the author of Genius of the Poor in this article published in Expatriates Magazine.






We would like to thank Alison Hird of France Medias Monde for covering our May 17th, Spring Fete for Love Book signing. Here is her piece.

For those of you who weren't able to make it, prepare to be inspired. For those of you who were, you can enjoy the message again and know that you have made a difference.





GK Europe President Olivier Girault, PFTP's Victoria Aquino-Benoit and GK Founder and President Tony Meloto

Author Tom Graham with the Chaumont's and Radio France reporter, Allison Hird

PFTP merchandise and Tom Graham's Genius of the Poor in english and french translations

PFTP mugs!

Dawn Bournand, Tony Meloto, Bombolo Restaurant owner, Kimberly, and Michelle