we love: Chef Aaron Isip

by Anne MS


Chef Aaron Isip is stirring up people's appetites in the recently-opened Dix-Huit, a 'bistrot-gastronomique'  located in one of Paris'  quartiers bourgeois, and has once again put himself back on the map. With years of work experience at Apicius, Drouant, Ze Kitchen Galerie and Pan under his belt, he's known for creative and unique flavor combinations inspired by his extensive food-travel adventures and most certainly,  Filipino origins. This co-founder of Paris for the Philippines, has 'wow-ed' international diners with à la Parisienne versions of adobo, kare-kare and kaldareta to name a few, and plans to  continue incorporating Filipino-Southeast Asian flavors into his cuisine. Get to know more of him, beyond his food.


When missing home, is it adobo or sinigang?  

Sinigang pork belly and ribs . It is comforting.


A pinoy ingredient or seasoning that you can't live without.

Kalamansi and patis


Greatest compliment you’ve received.

It was when I sold pancit molo, around 50 portions at Kitchen Galerie.



Which do you prefer preparing the most starter, main or dessert?

Starter- it is the first dish that can make an impact on the diner


Name one perk you enjoy as a chef in Paris?

The food community is small so when I eat out in restos, I get extra service or complimentary items. And it is easy to book a table when eating out!


Which pinoy dish would you try to revisit and try to re-make,  à la Parisienne?

I've done adobo, kare kare, sinigang, kaldareta , balot and pancit molo. My next-

a spring version of pinakbet , Michel Bras style .


Name your fave tapas joint in your quarter.

Frenchie wine bar, love the pulled pork sandwich


Biggest hurdle you overcame as a chef.

Going into a project or opening of a resto so abruptly, impulsively.  Getting disappointed with the concept but when a door closes another one opens


Which ingredient or produce excites you the most?

Seafood ,  sea urchin , abalone, and truffle.


Favorite childhood resto in Manila?

Sakura, yakiniku



Favorite resto in Paris.

Guilo Guilo

8, rue Garreau



Greatest trait.

Really good palette ..in creating new flavor combinations.


Funniest experience in the kitchen.

Kitchen Galerie..when we closed the resto during summer vacation for a day of cleaning . We did funny antics. Got the hose, put cling wrap to protect each other, ened uo looking like astronauts, played loud music..


Any ritual before service? None


What is your  signature ingredient or dish?

When I make  soup. I'm good with soups and sauces.


Who would be your dream diner?

My Mom. To show her how I can cook.


Advice to future chefs wanting to try it out in Paris.

Eat out as much as you can

Get inspiration by traveling and eating out.