they wore the love!



Our hearts are filled with joy and gratitude! Thanks to these 7 Parisian restaurants and their hospitable staff, the Paris for the Philippines/Gawad Kalinga Love Ts have spread its way throughout the city to celebrate Philippines' 116th Independance Day.


Wear the Love is an awareness camapign for the PFTP/GK Love items, sold here on our website, to promote love for the Philippines and to raise aid for those in need of it back home.

Proceeds of this fundraising initiative will be directed to our ongoing cause with Gawad Kalinga to build hope and homes for disaster-affected communties in the Philippines.


Wear the Love, Spread the Love.


Participating Restaurants:  Le Servan, Dix-Huit, Clamato, Balls, Buvette, Du Bout des Doigts, and Quedubon

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