Wear the Love!

by Cesca


June 12 is a special day to be a Filipino. It is the day the country gained independence from the Spanish colonizers. All over the world, Filipino communities will be celebrating that event with lots and lots of food - the only way the Filipinos celebrate!


Paris for the Philippines will be celebrating this day too. We’ve partnered up with a few restaurants who will be showing us love by wearing our merchandise on the day and collecting some donations on our behalf.  Here’s the list of the restaurants:


Le Servan

32, rue Saint-Maur, 75011

01 55 28 51 82

Owned by French-Filipina sisters Katia and Tatiana Levha, there’s no question as to why this restaurant is showing us some love! Recently opened in the heart of the 11th, Le Servan offers dishes that are dashed with hints of Filipino cuisine. The menu changes every day and is probably seasonally driven. So far some of the dishes that have graced in this restaurant are, duck hearts breaded and fried with an Asian vinegar sauce, crab vichysoisse, clams with thai basil, and tandoori white asparagus and mussels. The restaurant also offers a selection of natural wines.

Buvette, gastrotheque

28 rue Henry Monnier, 75009

01 44 63 41 71


The younger French sister of Buvette in West Village New York, the restaurant offers the same dishes as its counterpart in New York but in smaller portions. Open non-stop, Buvette offers breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes - for breakfast examples of what you can expect are cinnamon rolls and scones; for lunch, leeks in vinaigrette and duck rillettes with confit fruit; and for dinner, tartines with ratatouille, anchoiade, etc and petite dishes such as coq au vin. Buvette also offers wide selection of wine, Binonade, anc cocktails at night.


47 rue Saint-Maur, 75011

09 51 38  74 89

Go to this restaurant and have a ball! Or five for that matter. As the name connotes, the restaurants serves balls of five kinds - beef (parsley and onion), lamb (coriander, cumin and pine nuts), chicken (tarragon and lemon), pork (fennel and paprika) and vegetarian (eggplant and chickpeas). Served in fives,  the balls come with your choice of either tomato sauce or yogurt and herbs sauce and a small plate of your desire (creamy polenta, sweet potato, or kamote in Filipino, puree, lentils with feta, endive salad with citrus or mushroom risotto. To drink, the restaurant serves wines, artisanal beers and cocktails at night.


80 rue de Charonne, 75011

01 43 72 74 53

The sister of hyped restaurant Septime, Clamato serves only seafood dishes that changes daily, probably depending on the tides. Some favorites that have made several appearances on the menu are the baked razor clams with peanuts and herb butter, scallops in brown butter and cauliflower puree, and mackerel with dried tomatoes and aubergines. For drinks, they have a selection of natural producer driven wines and gin monkey cocktails at night.


22 rue du Plateau, 75019

01 42 38 18 65


A simple bistro and small cave, Quedubon is located just near the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. Their menu has several offerings from simple dishes such as fish carpaccio, to home cooking dishes such as braised meats, and to the more intense dishes such as the veal brains. Their cheese platter, additionally, is not one to miss particularly when paired with white Jura wine. Finally, don’t forget to have a look at the patron’s pride and joy, his wide selection of organic and natural wines.

So, show PFTP and these restaurants some love by dropping by on 12 June and document it well on Instagram.

Include the #PFTPwearthelove and be included in our Independence Day contest to win free PFTP merchandise!


Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Du Bout des Doigts

24 rue Feydeau, 75002

01 40 26 16 82

50 rue Miromesnil, 75008

01 40 98 01 22


This sandwicherie caters mainly to the office crowd. They offer the working Parisian a wide selection of homemade salads made from in-season vegetables, pasta or dried vegetables. Their sandwich recipes are interesting and keep in mind the health of their customers. Examples of some of their sandwiches are fresh goat’s cheese with fennel confit and roquette and chicken marinated in lemon and cream with parsley. Soups and gratins are added to the menu during the winter months.


116th Philippine Independence Day!